(These are just a few examples but let your imagination and creativity lead you anywhere!)


Find a home/housing in exchange for giving in-home recitals
Find housing in exchange for music or other arts lessons
Find room while gigging in a city in exchange for giving a warm up performance
Provide healing arts for a room in a house

Offer music/other arts lessons in exchange for farm/farmstand share
Perform a music recital or other arts program in exchange for weekly dinners

Provide martial arts lessons in exchange for prepared meals


Exchange your creative talent offerings for airplane miles

Borrow a car in exchange for any sharing of your creative talents
Get your kids rides to after-school activities in exchange for arts lessons or recitals

Rides in exchange for language arts tutoring or any other creative talent

Design someone's house in exchange for use of vehicle

Find a space to share/perform/exhibit your art
Find a space to create your art in exchange for a private exhibition
Find a dream mansion for a romantic getaway in exchange for guitar or other arts lessons
Offer your spare room in exchange for music lessons
Offer your outdoor atrium for private monthly theatre soirees
Offer your basement for a studio in exchange for lessons/performances/exhibition/healing massage

Cook Sunday brunch in exchange for weekly healing massage or magic lessons

Weekday dinner in exchange for Tai-chi lessons or weekly yoga