Phil Schermer

Phil Schermer is an Associate in the Office of the Vice Chairman & Senior Advisor at BlackRock, where he focuses on a variety of firm-wide strategic initiatives. Prior to his role in the Office of the Vice Chairman & Senior Advisor, Phil was on the Brand Strategy team within Global Marketing & Communications, where he focused on strategic initiatives related to BlackRock's brand positioning and digital products.

Before arriving at BlackRock, Phil worked as a White House intern in the Obama Administration for the National Economic Council (NEC), engaging in economic policy research while supporting the Director of the NEC's Senior Policy Advisor. Prior to that, Phil worked on the movie sets of The Dark Knight Rises and Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Phil is also the Founder & Board Member of MUSIC Matters, a student-run non-profit at the University of Michigan that hosts the first and largest social impact lifestyle festival in the U.S. Phil graduated from the University of Michigan's Honors Program, with a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE).